Guide to Make ESO Gold from Crafting and Item Extraction

In this article, we are going to show you how to make money in the Elder Scrolls Online through raw material extraction system. It’s very quick, easy, and gives a lot of wealth in return. In addition, this method is suitable for all classes without having to go out farming and killing the same monsters again and again.

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Required Skills

There are some specific skill points you need to maximize, and all of them are in the crafting tree. The first one is Metal Extraction, which is to maximize the chances of extracting blacksmithing ingredients, following by Unraveling, to maximize the chances of extracting clothing ingredients. The last one is Wood Extraction to maximize the chances of extracting Woodworking ingredients. Apart from this, you should be at least level 32 since it unlocks these skills highest tier.

The effectiveness of this Elder Scrolls Online gold making strategy depends on the amount of raw material you gathered. Normally, you should have a lot of them in order to have the highest tier of the 3 mentioned skills. The more item you refine, the more item you are going to get back from the game extraction system which means more gold you are going to get from the technique.

elder scrolls online crafting

Raw Material

One thing to keep in mind is the level of raw material does not matter. You are going to get the same chance of getting improvement item back from extraction no matter whatever level that raw material is. Even tier 9 raw material gives the same result as tier 1.

It’s totally not recommended to extract any raw material before you are able to maximize all three crafting skills: Metal Extraction, Unraveling, and Wood Extraction. It’s better to keep them untouched and extract them later.

This way you are going to have thousands of raw materials in stock once you hit level 32. And they are going to give you improvement items, which can later turn into gold, more than you can ever imagine.

On the other hand, if you refine raw materials without having 3/3 crafting skill, you are wasting raw materials. It is like you are throwing ESO gold away from your pocket.

Sell at the Right Time

The amount of gold you will get from this strategy heavily depends on the market. Improvement item price quite fluctuates. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes down. And the price is also different on each server. Once you extract all items, keep them all in inventory and sell when the price is high.

With this gold making strategy alone, you are going to make over hundred thousand just only from extract all items that you get while making your way maximize 3 crafting skills. You have no need to grind the same place over and over again. Just keep all raw materials and extract them at once, and sell them at the right time. And, again, it works for all classes.

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Where to Purchase the Elder Scrolls Online Gold?

If you’re into RPGs and especially MMOs, you probably know just how much time and effort goes into not only hitting the level cap but accumulating the in-game currency necessary to pay for all that high-level, late-game equipment. Maybe you even need to be able to afford that late-game equipment earlier, to give you an edge or advantage in PvP. Whatever you need, sometimes you just don’t have the time. So what’s the busy-but-dedicated MMO gamer to do? If there’s no time to grind, you can always buy it. There are lots of people and sites out there who sell in-game currency and items, or at least who claim to; not all of them are reliable or honest. We’ll be looking at three of the highest rated gold suppliers for Elder Scrolls Online, one of the hottest new MMOs out there. Up for consideration are Koala Credits, InGameDelivery and Avatar Bank. How will they stack up against each other? Let’s find out.

First up and highest-rated, Koala Credits is another good source of emergency gold. As with InGameDelivery, Koala Credits promises to deliver gold within 48 hours, assuming the gold is available. You can also sign up for a newsletter that’ll keep you informed concerning any promotions, policy changes or other site events. Refund will be handled for all non-delivered items. Livechat is available 24/7 for all inquiries at any time. All this makes Koala Credits a great choice for your emergency gold needs, whether it’s a magic sword, high-level armor or if you just want to have a pouch full of gold for a rainy day.

This site also offers features beyond in-game currency. Let’s say that you don’t have time to level your Templar all the way up the level cap. How about some speed leveling to go with that gold? Koala Credits offers this service for a reasonable as well as guides if you want to do it yourself.


-delivery within 2 days or less
-Refunds for all non-delivered items
-24/7 Live chat available for online assistance
-Order verification, for your protection
-Mmobux highest trusted site
-Professional appearance

Second on today’s Elder Scrolls Online gold hit parade is This online slick little gold exchange site offers consistently lower prices than Avatar Bank or Koala Credits, although it must be noted that given that these prices are governed by supply and demand this is not always guaranteed to be the case. Seventy-two hours is a standard delivery time but if circumstances are right you may be able to have your gold in-hand in as little as fifteen to twenty minutes. On the other hand, InGameDelivery does not accept credit cards at this point. InGameDelivery is a cheap, reliable source of Elder Scrolls Online gold for the gamer who’s a little short on time.

igd logo

-Consistent lowest price!
-QuickBuy and order verification
-Will buy your excess gold in a variety of MMOs
-Delivery within 72 hours, possibly as soon as 15 minutes
-Payments accepted via PayPal

Avatar Bank, though ranked third, is another great choice. Like the two sites above, Avatar Bank endeavors to have your gold in your character’s hands within seventy-two hours. As previously mentioned, in-game environments and supply and demand are very much factors here and an actual order might take much less time, or more. Prices for Elder Scrolls once again will fluctuate but seem to usually stay within a few cents of Avatar Bank. Like InGameDelivery, Avatar Bank only accepts payments associated with PayPal, but given the convenience and universality of PayPal this should rarely be an issue.


-Have your gold and spend it, too within 72 hours
-Will buy all that extra gold you may have lying around
-Order tracking keeps track of your gold
-Accepts PayPal , for your online convenience
-Secure and affordable
-Versatile site offers the options beyond in-game currency

While Koala Credits comes in first due to its professionally designed site, live support and delivery speed, all of these gold exchange sites offer much the same service, and in all cases the price of in-game gold is going to fluctuate based on supply and demand, network conditions and other in-game factors. All strive to have your gold in your character’s hands within 72 hours, assuming the gold is in stock. All will buy your extra gold if you’re looking to sell and all three are rated in the top five for gold exchange sites.

While the price of gold does fluctuate InGameDelivery seems to be , at least at present, consistently the cheaper and under the right circumstances can have your gold to you in as little as fifteen minutes, a claim neither of the other sites is willing to make; and Avatar Bank’ versatility is worth mentioning again as well. The bottom line: while Koala Credits scored highest, all three of these gold exchange sites can handle your Elder Scrolls Online emergency gold needs.

Crafting with Wealthy in ESO

The Elder Scrolls Online, like many MMORPGs, has a very strong player driven economy governed by in-game supply and demand, and also the needs of players within a certain level range. Before the game was released it was mostly speculated that the more weapon-inclined professions such as weaponsmith and armorsmith would be most lucrative, as would be the case in most MMORPGs. However, the developers have done a great job at balancing out the professions to give them all an advantage in the in-game economy. The trick is to know which items to sell to which level range as the player’s needs change with each level range.

There are six professions to choose from, and these are weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, enchanting, alchemy, woodworking, and provisioner. All classes in the elder scrolls online stand an equal chance of being lucrative, though some tend to lean towards larger returns during the late game. You should keep in mind that the in-game economy is completely player driven, and does have its trends and patterns which you can exploit. The most useful and lucrative during the early and mid-game periods would be the alchemy and provisioner class, as they mostly produce consumables and potions which players need based on the player’s level at their stage of the game, which is the level 1-25 mark of the player’s character progression. Any classes ability to tank damage or regeneration of any form is fairly limited, and would need potions in order to replenish their health, mana, or stamina quicker.


After the mid-game point and getting into the late game, the player’s focus turns to enhancing their weaponry and armor in order to deal maximum DPS (damage per second) for their respective class, and also gaining ability to tank a reasonable amount of damage. This is because monsters deal quite a bit of damage at this stage. Players also start engaging in PVP at this level and weapons and armors become more important. Thus the enchanting, weaponsmith, and armorsmith professions become even more lucrative at this stage, and stay relevant even as the player reaches the level cap. The prevailing logic behind this is that once the player reach the level cap they cannot improve their character any further in terms of stats and levels. Instead, the game puts the focus on the player’s weapon and armor improvement and enhancement. Players can farm gold for material to craft enhanced versions of existing weapons, created unique weapons, or take requests and orders from players in need of such weapons. Players can perform these tasks for a generous amount of in-game currency.

My Purchase Experience with

Finding a good place to buy the elder scrolls online gold can be difficult as the market is flooded with competition. Many personal sellers often run out of gold, leaving you waiting forever for payment. Scammers may get in the way of you and a good time, either by running off with your money or stealing your account information.

When looking for reliability from experience game currency traders and real customer feedback to feel the pulse of the market, Koala Credits, my old fav supplier,  makes things a lot easier for me. I need to really hit the market hard in order to be ready for Master kc_1Dungeons as soon as possible, so padding the guild chest with some gold made it easier to focus on gearing rather than material grinding.

Rather than just being a one-off customer and wandering off, I made sure to get the contact info of the seller. She answered all of my questions and took care of the delivery on time.

I have a US account, and getting the gold taken care of on this megaserver wasn’t hard at kc_4all. The delivery was completed within half an hour. I’m not sure about the EU megaserver, but I believe they could be able to supply the gold with speedy service also if they have gold in the stock.

I’ve been playing Elder Scrolls Online for a while, and the market changes around whenever some major system change happens or people come back to the game. Koala Credits make sure that the price is competitive. When the market rate goes down, they change around to meet our needs. It makes sense, but a lot of other sellers try to stick to their guns with high rates.

kc_3Another reason that I love to purchase gold thru Koala Credits is their support. I have been using their service since my previous MMOs such as Age of Conan, Final Fantasy XI, FFXIV, and WoW . They contact you, keep you up to date with changes in your order status and make sure that you know what’s going on with your order within reason. Their support really do it right.

If you’ve been trying to figure out how others are treated by Koala Credits, testimonials, trusted seal, or other feedback sources are right there in your face to check out on your own. Since I know you’ll be satisfied, go ahead and try leaving a nice comment. Maybe you’ll see kc_5yourself on the feed.

I don’t really need to go anywhere else for my gold as far as ESO goes. They’re usually on time, their gold stock has been huge since launch, and they’re professional enough to not pester you when you don’t need gold.

Lastly, if Elder Scrolls Online isn’t your game, there’s a lot more games available. I jump from game to game whenever progression is done on my main games, and having that extra little currency padding helps. I don’t get bored with grinding, and I’m a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the market.

Why Gathering Is Important In ESO

Gathering will play a large role in Elder Scrolls Online when it comes to crafting, of course, but also in the in-game economy and the gearing process. All players will be able to gather all types of resources: runes, wood, herbs, cloth fibers, fish and ore. As players level and access different zones, they will only be able to gather nodes for crafting professions that they have placed skill points in. This means that gathering will be very important for crafters, especially, as will keeping an eye on the crafting skill lines.

The gathering system in ESO is fairly straightforward. Blacksmiths will want to mainly gather ore nodes while woodcrafters will want to gather mostly wood. Alchemists will want to gather herbs, of course, and clothiers will want to gather cloth fibers. Enchanters will want to gather runes while provisioners will want fish as well as other food ingredients. Leather will also be important to clothiers, which can be obtained from creature enemies. All crafting professiosn can extract raw materials for better improvement items as well.

For players who enjoy playing a role in the economy, it may be beneficial to gather any and all items possible in order to sell them to other players. Since bank space is shared across a player’s entire account, it will be simple enough to store gathered materials for alts as well. Bank and bag space does get fairly limited while leveling, however, so keep this in mind.

ESO gathering system

Certain gathering nodes will likely see more competition than other nodes. While nodes respawn fairly quickly and are abundant, some will likely still be heavily farmed. Ore, herbs and runes might be the three items that are under the largest amount of competition. Ore, in particular, can be hard to miss since it’s found near rocky outcroppings that are generally ignored for the most part.

Crafters will need a large amount of gathered items to level their crafting professions. Gatherers should keep this in mind and not pass up nodes unless they are absolutely not needed. Crafters will also gain crafting skill by turning raw ore, etc., into the ingredients such as metal bars needed for crafting. This means that the raw gathered items will likely sell for a higher amount of gold.

Since gathering items will not be able to be gathered by everyone in zones that are high level, this will mean that these items will sell for a higher amount than the materials found in the early leveling zones. Use this to your advantage if you plan on playing the market.

The Elder Scrolls Online Gold Review

The Elder Scrolls Gold is the main currency to purchase items and upgrade equipment in the Elder Scrolls Online. While it is still possible to make it through the online world without gold, you are ultimately going to find it is rather difficult to do so, especially as your armor and weapons are no match for the enemies you face. This is why you need to know the different methods for obtaining gold and how you can better prepare yourself for the quests on hand.


Earn It

The first way you can obtain gold in the Elder Scrolls Online is by simply earning gold. You are going to obtain gold through quests you complete, leveling up and scavenging items throughout the game. Granted, this only gives you a small amount of gold and it might take a bit longer to purchase that battle axe you’ve had your eye on for some time, but it is the least expensive way to go about earning gold. It is also possible to pick up items that you simply do not need, such as that second broad sword or spells you have far too many of. With these items, you can sell to venders throughout the game for gold which is totally different from Fifa 16 coin as stated in That is why it is so important to pick up everything you can, especially towards the beginning of the game. When just starting off, even if the item is not worth very much (such as a plate, silverware or other material, you need to just pick it up and sell it off to the nearest vendor to at least start building your gold stockpile).

Sell to Other Players

As you become more advanced in the game, you are able to craft together weapons that other individuals are going to want. When you have done so, you are able to sell the weapon, spells and other material to individuals in the online game. Here, you can make a good amount of gold. You do have to level up to be advanced enough in order to craft a desirable weapon, but once you have, the gold should start flowing in.

Buy Gold

If you are willing to buy gold, you have an option. There are dozens of out-of-game marketplaces offerings that sell elder scrolls online gold in exchange for actual money such as and These can end up costing you hundreds of dollars (if not more), but if you don’t mind shelling out the cash, this is a good way to quickly expand your gold stockpile.

5 Must Known ESO Features

 With each passing week, from The Elder Scrolls Online developers and videogame media are unveiling the new features coming to the dark fantasy massively multiplayer rpg. We scanned through the previews and spoilers to pick the 5 coolest features that we think will wow fans when the game servers open sometime this year – from the tri-alliance system that will dictate race choices to the PvP perks that include the title of Emperor.

Tri-Alliance System
There will be three playable faction alliances in The Elder Scrolls Online: The Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant and the Ebonheart Pact. Choosing one of the three factions will open up three playable races. Joining the Aldmeri Dominion, for example, lets you choose from the Altmer, Bosmer and Khajiit races when creating your character. Each of the alliance has its own back story, controlled provinces and goals for banding together. This increases the replay factor by a notch compared to other mmorpg games which often only have two playable factions. Plus, it is possible to gain the elder scrolls online gold through PvP making this feature a lot more interesting. It means end-game won’t be limited to raiding and amassing an Elder Scrolls Online gold fortune.

PvP Perks
Care to become the Emperor of your server? Other mmorpg games have dangled this prize before, but the fact that you have to earn it through sheer combat glory – the highest-ranking player of the alliance that captures the Imperial Throne – makes it a much sweeter prize as compared to, say, politicking-based titles earned in TERA. Gladiator kings will rule in The Elder Scrolls Online, and we relish the thought of seeing Emperor aspirants fighting for their factions at all costs. Unlike PvE equipment, PvP equipment will most likely not be purchasable using ESO gold, but instead will require players to earn a specific PvP currency.

landscape artwork

Distinctive Class Names
We have lost count of the number of times we have rolled as a Mage, Warrior or any of the other overused class names in mmorpg land. The Elder Scrolls Online class though has us piqued with its dragonknights, templars, sorcerer, and nightblades. And if developers are to be believed, their abilities will be equally interesting as well because of another cool feature: The Synergy Skill System.

Synergy Skill System
The Elder Scrolls Online will make use of Synergy skills to make co-op play fun and interesting. Basically, players will be able to use Synergy skills to combine with other players’ normal skills to produce more powerful effects. Game designer Maria Aliprando has famously given a past example of a mage-type class casting a fire, which then allows a warrior-type sword wielder to start throwing fireballs at the enemies. Some Synergy skills have also been said to convert simple buffs into deadly area-of-effect attacks, which we imagine will expand combat beyond the usual “Spam X skill to win” tactics.

As of now there are no news on if synergies also extend to trade skills. Now that would be an interesting idea, make trade skills group activities. This would earning gold in Elder Scrolls Online either a lot harder or, if people really dig it – no pun intended – a lot easier.

Creatures from Past Games
Lots of things from past titles will make it into ESO. There’s the currency: It’ll be TESO Gold (which our readers will probably find useful to know at this point in time). Moreover it’s actually the entire same world in which the previous Elder Scrolls games take place. In terms of the timeline, the online game is set a millennium before the events of Skyrim, the fifth and latest console title for the franchise. While the time gap is huge, developers have said that many creatures that have appeared in previous games will make an appearance in The Elder Scrolls Online, including the crocodile-headed Daedroth, goblin-trained War Durzogs, and the domesticated Guars. Series veterans will no doubt look out how these classic creatures will be fleshed out in a persistent virtual world. This concept will maintain the bond between the fans and the game. Like Blizzard’s latest game, Heroes of the Storm, player will feel nostalgic when they meet the characters from famous epic such as World of Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo. Player will be tempt to play the game even they don’t read the Heroes of the Storm guide. Adding the old stuff into your new product is always great to the old fans.

openscape in eso

Best Weapon for Each ESO Classes to Farm Gold

While farming mobs or completing quests for gold in The Elder Scrolls Online, efficiency will be important. The quicker enemies die, the quicker you’re able to complete quests, move on to the next area and acquire more gold and items that may be sold for profit. This is especially the case when the game first launches as players will be leveling quickly and areas may be somewhat crowded.

In order to be as efficient as possible, you will want to use a build that maximizes your DPS but also minimizes your damage taken. For some classes like the Dragonknight, this may mean combining abilities from different skill lines. For others like the Sorcerer, it may mean taking some crowd control abilities to ensure you never get overwhelmed in combat. You want to die as little as possible, as that cuts into your farming time as well as your repair costs.

When killing monsters is one of the greatest ways to make tons of eso gold, a good choice of weapon can assists this task easier. Although all classes in the Elder Scrolls Online can equip whatever weapons they want,  each classes have their own favorite weapons. Here are some suggestions:

armors design in eso


Dragonknights will probably gain the most use from a weapon type that deals a great deal of area-of-effect damage while still providing solid single target damage. A two-handed axe, sword, mace or fire staff may work the best. Dual-wielding is another option that should provide quick kills. You will probably want to avoid using a one-handed weapon and shield while solo.


Nightblades will probably want to use either a bow or a pair of one-handed daggers, swords or axes. Both are an option, of course, since characters can switch to an alternative weapon with ease. Bow-using Nightblades will gain quite a bit of crowd control abilities that might be very useful, but dual-wielders will be able to kill slightly quicker.


Sorcerers will want to use a destruction staff or two-handed weapon while farming gold or completing quests. All three staff elements should do the job, but you may find that frost is better for crowd control while fire is better for bursting targets down quickly.


For soloing purposes, a Templar will probably want to use a two-handed sword, mace or axe. These will let the Templar make good use of hard-hitting physical attacks while mixing in their spells to deal as much damage as possible. A destruction staff may also work well.

5 Things You Need to Know to Make Tons of The Elder Scrolls Gold

Elder Scrolls Online is one of the hottest new talked about MMORPGs to hit the virtual world to date. This massive online game is just about to hit the gaming world with a release for PC and yes even MAC computers in April of 2014. Enthusiasts of console gaming will be able to expand their gaming to the Xbox One, and Playstation 4 in June of 2014. ESO has at least 3 main reasons to play. And Just like every other virtual gaming world Elder Scrolls Online has it’s very own gaming currency for players to earn and purchase items needed to expand their game play.

npc footage

Here are 5 of the most important things to know in order to make the Elder Scrolls Online Currencies:

1. Everyone needs gold to afford new weaponry or that snazzy new armor for the next level, and the easiest, yet most time consuming, way to obtain that gold is by doing quests.

2. Stockpile for the bigger things and make friends. Communities are easy to join and group quests give bigger pay offs than going it alone. Weapons and armor vary in price and often can be extremely pricey at higher levels and that stockpile will dwindle quick on much needed items for end quests.

3. Sell, Sell, Sell, Sell! One of the biggest mistakes that many players make is that they their old items are worthless. Other, newer players will want those items and in some cases they will pay big for them which is the important secret to become rich in TESO. Be careful about pricing items too high though as it will run off a newbie pretty quick, and remember that they will often have less currency to spend on items than players who have been around a while. While there may not be an actual auction house in the game to sell items players can trade with one another to make transactions of buying and selling to one another easy.

4. Get your skills on! Another way to make precious gold in the Elder Scrolls Online game is to become a crafter or gatherer. Do research and find out what the hottest item is at the time and put your person to work. Players will pay big for goods that are in high demand. Never throw out any gathered items if it can be helped. Even the most basic of items can be used at one point or another for crafting.

5. Steal it! That is not a joke. Thieves are one of the only classes that can make money by selling stolen items in the game. Killing off enemies is another way to steal, or loot, game currency. Tips to farm gold through killing monsters could be seen here.

How To Buy Elder Scrolls Online Gold at Cheap Price

As adult gamers, MMOs present particular dilemmas to us. Unlike offline games, they take place in a persistent world that lives and breathes even when we’re offline. That means while we’re trapped within the confines of a cubicle during the day, members of our guild (or clan, or party) are off level grinding. While we’re sleeping, they’re questing and buying epic gear. While we’re eating, they’re eating… only in front of their computer screen.

It seems the only way to even the odds with our virtual friends is to use our real world cash to our character’s advantage. Buying virtual currency with real world cash has been a practice since the MMOs of old.

The main problem you’ll encounter is that gold-buying is completely unregulated. Unlike ‘games’ like Second Life, buying gold is strictly against ESO’s terms of service agreement. Bethesda doesn’t regulate it because they don’t condone it. You’ll experience expensive wallet-breaking rates, as well as rates that are thrift-store cheap.

So how do you determine a fair price? Let’s break this down.

A fair price is based on the amount of time it takes for a mid level character to quest for an hour. Since the level cap is 50, we’ll say that a level 30 character is “mid level.”

Playing through a medium difficulty quest for an hour, how much gold do you obtain on average? This isn’t just about the completion rewards, but the loot obtained along the way. Tally up the selling value of each item looted, combine that with the amount of gold picked up, and the amount given for completing the quest.

In the virtual world, an hour’s worth of work is worth roughly one-fourth average minimum wage in the US. According to this review, we’re looking at a value of $1.50-$3.00 for an hour’s worth of gold. If you’re paying any more for your gold, you’re being cheated. If you’re paying any less, it’s a pretty good deal.


So where can you look for cheap gold?

I recommend hitting first. This is the most popular place to review all RMT shops that provide Elder Scrolls Online gold. With large amounts of shops and price comparision service offered in this site, you could find a shop that have a good feedback from real customer at a very competitive price.

Another place to look is This shop is considered as the most reliable shop on RMT service so for. There are more than 30 virtual currencies being offered in the site. Their service is greate and price is good. They’re trustworthy, they won’t scam you.

Everything about TESO Currencies